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Game title: Rise of Empire: King's Landing

5 star rating Frequently Asked Questions

This addictive and fun filled game by Fast Game Limited is on Android and it is free with optional in app purchases. It is a building game, a warfare game, a strategy game and a team game all in one.

Winter has been. You start by building your castle on a small piece of land in the kingdom after the great wall has been destroyed by the night king and his frozen dragon. In addition to the initial castle and buildings needed for civilian growth you can build troops, training grounds, watchtowers, hospitals, and so much more. As you progress through the levels you get more buildings, heroes, troop types, and features made available to you.

You can battle other players to plunder their resources or battle monsters to win resources and hero upgrades. The game features many challenges and events that can win you some great prizes too.

You can also join an alliance and conquer the kingdom as a well co-ordinated team. Being part of an alliance gives you some security against being attacked and there are other benefits too, like getting troop food costs lowered, speeding up construction times, and increasing alliance help time reductions (Alliance members can help each other construct buildings, heal wounded troops, and research various technologies). You can chat with other players throughout the kingdom and you can chat and interact with other members of your alliance by visiting each other and sharing battles.

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