NFL Game Pass Europe

Is NFL Game Pass Europe good value for money? No it is not. Game Pass USA costs $99, but Game Pass Europe costs around £150, which is twice the price

Then we discover that all of the games cannot be watched live because the NFL have done a deal with SKY TV which means that any games shown live on SKY cannot be watched until 24 hours after the game has ended. Given that the games last approximately 3 hours that is 27 hours after the game starts. As games are played at 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm GMT that really means that we have to wait two days (unless we are prepared to watch in the middle of the night) to watch those games.

We found that some teams have as many as 7 of their 16 season games that fall into this category, and the only other way to watch those games live is to pay for a SKY TV service

If the games cannot be watched live it is very difficult to get through two whole days without being told the score of our team's games beforehand, on Facebook, Instagram, etc., and this spoils the whole experience.

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